One: Concerning dereliction and photographs

Originally posted 30th January 2011

So this is post one!

Well we will have to see whether the habit extends past one entry. If past performance is indication of future action then this is the first and only time you will hear from me! I am however attempting to change my habits so I will do my best to put something up here on at least two occasions…this will be a personal record!

My plan is to do something a little bit different from anything I have attempted before, along with potentially random musings and possible disturbing insights into the way my brain works, I am going to attempt to accompany each post with a photo (probably but not necessarily taken by me) and my thoughts regarding it.

This is today’s photo. It was taken in September 2009 at Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay. It is not here to represent the Alcatraz prison as there are other better photos for that, as indeed there are other more appropriate photos to represent San Francisco. I have chosen this photo to represent my current obsession with dereliction and derelict places, and more specifically photographing such places. It interests me greatly to make an interesting image out of subject matter that many people would find ugly and unappealing, or even scary in some cases. There is a certain amount of pleasure to be taken in exploring these places that have originally been built at odds with their surroundings; seeming triumphs of modern technology over nature, now left to fall into disrepair. The once defiant structures now crumbling, peeling, succumbing to a return to natural states that once seemed impossible. I am determined to explore more such place this year and photograph these once purposeful structures. I like to believe that it is an attempt on my part to seek beauty in unexpected places; bringing a new interest and purpose to broken down places.

I am not going to begin to guess what that says about me, unlike many I know I have no background in psychology and I strongly believe that over analysing myself is not good for me. That doesn’t mean I won’t do it but at I can at least try to remember not to!

On a completely unrelated note I have just noticed that I am wearing 2 watches, I put the second one on yesterday for no real reason and seem to be still wearing it, i am a little unclear as to why.

Well I guess that is it for now. I suspect that tis endeavour will just serve to feed my misguided belief that people are interested in reading about the inner workings of my mind. Time will tell, on many counts


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