Eight: Concerning the events of the day

Originally Posted February 6th 2011

I think number eight is going to be a short one, but I am on a roll, as it were, and don’t want to break the habit! Today had been an interesting day, and while I am not in the habit of writing about the day’s events, it is sometimes warranted! A large proportion of today has been dedicated to two of my favorite things….friends and photography! It involved a trip to that London to visit the Natural History Museum in general and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition specifically all in honor of a good friend’s birthday.The photo of the day was chosen as it shows a rare occurrence and represents something I am known for:


The rare occurence is an empty staircase on a London underground station at 2:30 in the afternoon and the typical behaviour is me kneeling down in an unexpected and often inconvenient place all in aid of a good photo! All I can say is…once you have seen the picture you have to take it…regardless of the trip hazard you may cause!

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition is well worth a visit, and once I had got over my confusion about not going to see the Landscape Photographer of the Year I had a good time. There were a lot of spectacular pictures, this probably goes without saying, but I was most impressed with the entries from young photographers, and those who had taken a simple subject like a rabbit and turned it into a prizewinning image. I also have to say that I probably don’t have the patience for wildlife photography, and take my hat off to those who do!

The other thing I learned today is that Frankies of Knightsbridge is possibly the most sparkly restaurant I have ever been in! In fact I am going to end this post with another photo so you can see what I mean!


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