Fifteen: Concerning the lack of excuses for feeling uninspired

Originally Posted 13th Feb 2011

Fifteen has proven to be a difficult post. I have just been complaining that I am suffering from a lack of inspiration. I then remembered that there is really no excuse for this! I have been looking back over the pictures I have been posting and there have been a lot of them which were taken in San Francisco and on excursions and adventures that I have had travelling about the place. I have at the same time been talking about wanting to make ordinary every day things seem more exciting and extolling the virtues of looking at things more closely. I decided it was about time for me to show that I can do these things and post a picture that was taken less than half an hour from my house.

Taken in Littlehampton on the south coast as i said, less than half an hour from my house, it is full of the beauty of repeating patterns and symmetry that I previously expressed a liking for.

Then there is this one:

Taken less that 10 mins walk from my house this picture is one of my favorites, it is neither geometric of a repeating pattern but it speaks to me of something else. It speaks of the strength in nature, both physical and metaphorical. It is in a place that is 10 mins walk from a housing estate in a large village and on the edge of an area that used to be the site of an industrial brickworks. It is however in an area that could be miles from anywhere!

The point of this is there is no excuse for lack of inspiration, we all have a tendency to look far afield to spectacular foreign parts and dramatic scenes for inspiration. We seem to believe that it takes travel to find an area worth investigating. We must remember to look closer to home, something that is close to your house would, after all, be a travel destination if you lived somewhere else! Inspiration is everywhere, there is beauty and interest in every thing we see wherever we are, we just need to look for it.


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