Four: Concerning my amazing friends

Originally Posted 2nd February 2011

Post four, this is becoming a habit!

Recently I have been thinking of things that I have lost, more specifically people that I have lost. It is inevitable, when you lose someone close that you think a great deal about how your life has changed without that person and it is all too easy to continue this thinking. This train of thought led me to more constructive thinking about the people I have in my life, it also lead me to choose 2 photos for today:

This (as well as being an interesting image) is a picture showing friends I have had for 20 years +, friends who no matter how long it is between visits I can rely on to fall into the same comfortable role we filled at school. Friends who, despite living at far-flung corners of the country, would drop everything (if humanly possible) if any of the others needed them. These are the people who know my past and my history, we know each other’s teenage secrets and have a wealth of crazy shared experiences that we still see in each others faces even now.

Then there are the friends that I may not have known for as long but who are no less important. Friends who know that the important thing about being friends is being there. Friends who are willing to do no end of crazy things just for the sake of it, including but not limited to: dressing as a Soviet propaganda model or a fairy, coming trampolining despite potential for injury and generally engaging in many new crazy shared experiences which will provide entertainment for years to come!

I consider myself very lucky to have so many people in my life who I can consider as my friends (there are others not pictured but it would take too many pages to show them all! Old friends or new it is comforting to know that there are people out there who think of me once in a while. It is worth taking the time to remember things like this, it reminds you that the connections you make can have a lasting effect on you and when you find such amazing people…hold on to them!


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