Nineteen: Concerning Pigeon Holes

Originally posted 17th February 2011

Talking about music yesterday made me think of the somewhat eclectic mixture of music that I own and love listening to, I have everything from Radiohead to Metallica, I have even been known to go out and buy Steps and Plup in the same outing and listen to and enjoy them both. This tendency to disregard genre and go with what sounds good is a tendency that is relatively rare in the general population. It is a tendency that I have run into quite a lot amongst my friends, and this speaks volumes. This tied in well with a photo that I found when going through my backlog of shots from the last year:

This is a shot taken on a mail train and follows the, now familiar themes that run through my photos, of patterns and repetition. It is here today on this blog as it represents the pigeon holes we often put ourselves and others into based on musical taste, dress sense, occupation, religion and a multitude of other things. It made me wonder how much of this we do to ourselves and how much is imposed by society. Does the idea that ‘all accountants are boring’ or ‘all lawyers are unscrupulous’ have a basis in reality or is it a myth perpetuated by the media? I makes me wonder why it is necessary to believe these things about people, why people have such trouble believing that the same person can enjoy cross stitch and know about diesel engines. Is it safer for people to act only in an expected way, comply with the norms, do not threaten the social order!

Speaking as someone who spends a lot of time trying to do unexpected things, I refuse to fit into the pigeon-hole that society has prepared for me. In fact I have such wide-ranging interests and views that I have yet to find the my assigned pigeon-hole but rest assured when I do I will find a pigeon to go in it and continue to defy stereotypes as much as I can!


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