Twenty Six: Concerning new beginnings

Originally Posted on 25th February 2011

Yesterday I left my job, I (along with nearly every one else) was made redundant. It is the first time I have ever left a job in such a manner, it is the first time I have not left feeling a great sense of relief. It is the first time I have left a job that I would have rather kept. I have been in this job for the past 15 months and during this time I have worked with some of the best people I have ever worked with; I have met some amazing people who have made this year much better than it could have been considering the circumstances. I have even met one or two who allow me to be myself without judgement and know what I am talking about when I make obscure references to all the random things that I do. I will miss the people I work with, I will miss what my job was, even if I won’t miss what it was forced to be in the face of redundancy.

To these people who kept me going through a difficult year and made my working life fun despite the frequent and constant demoralising actions of the company we worked for I say thank you and dedicate today’s picture:

I have used one similar to this before but it is apt, I use it to represent new beginnings for all of us; not because ‘everything happens for a reason’ but because we are all intelligent, interesting and capable people who will move on to greater things for no other reason than we are good!

Before this descends fully into uncharacteristic sentimentality all that is left to say is that I am still wearing 2 watches but that 3 would be silly!


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