Twenty Five: Concerning the nature of art (and bananas)

Originally Posted on 23rd February 2011

I seem to have got into the habit of asking unanswerable questions on here, perhaps it is to off set my scientific nature that I balance my need to have right and wrong answers with all these subjective questions. Today’s is what is art? this is a question that has been pondered by many more knowledgeable minds than mine but as always I have an opinion, and of course it is only my opinion. Somebody famous (and someone not famous this afternoon) said that they don’t know much about art but they know what they like; this is in my opinion quite a sensible place to start. There are many people who claim to be experts who will discuss the value of a piece of art ad infinitum but they forget to consider whether that piece of art is interesting to look at. It doesn’t matter how profound your artistic statement, if no one wants to look at it then the statement will go unmade. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone all chocolate box on you I am still very much about finding the art in the ordinary and looking at the world in an abstract manner, to prove it here is a photo that I took that is of a very mundane subject that has moved from the every day into a world of art that can just look at the shape and composition of the picture that it makes.

whether or not you think it is art is up to you but I firmly believe you can make art from anything.

I do not think art is restricted to pretty images or images that are easy to look at, after all Picasso’s Guernica is not an easy view but it speaks to you on a level that makes it fascinating to look at for hours here it is just in case you don’t know it:

The point that I was trying to make before I got sidetracked by Guernica (something that happens often) was that if you get too hung up on defining art or specifying the type of art that you like, you could just be missing out on lots of interesting experiences. This translates to the rest of your life too, do not restrict your self to preconceived ideas of what you like…after all you never know unless you try.

Except in the case of bananas

by the way I went through a phase of wearing only one watch, then I went back to two..


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