Twenty Four: Concerning stories and spectacular skies

Originally Posted on 22nd February 2011

After yesterday’s profound thinking and an evening spent learning about the network that is the internet, my brain feels like a snooze for this post; that coupled with a day feeling a little sad and I decided that it was time for some more pictures with hidden smiles.


These photos are less obvious smiles than the last lot but there is a story that goes with them which explains why they make me smile. They were both taken on the same day, which had started with a trip to Park Cameras, an excellent start to any trip. The trip then descended into an hours journey to get from where we started to about 10 mins down the road from where we started. Such magical mystery tours are not unusual on photography adventures undertaken by myself and Jennifer, it is not that we get lost a lot, it is just that where we are going is often more elusive than we first thought.

Remembering such trips make me smile, but i suspect you had to be there. For those of you that weren’t there, there are also spectacular skies which are enough to make anyone smile.


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