Twenty Seven: Concerning technicalities and listening hard

Originally posted 27th February 2011

Today the number of this post matches the number of the day, this makes me happy! It will happen today and tomorrow and that is all for ever! That is not really the point of today’s post but I thought it was interesting (possibly only bu my definition of interesting!) Today is really about words, how one or two of them in the right (or wrong) places can make significant differences. As an example I was thinking about my CV, between my last job and the new job I start tomorrow I have been Photographer and Author, now that brings to mind a certain picture. If however I add one word to both job titles and let you know I have been a Technical Photographer and will be a Technical Author, that suggests a whole different picture and all for the sake of one word! As further illustration of this point I present to you today’s pictures:

This, to me, sounds like an illness destined only to be the subject of an ITV ‘documentary’ and probably something I would neither want to contract or watch a program about.

Now lets look at the bigger picture…

An altogether more palatable proposition and somewhere I have visited on numerous occasions and no doubt will again.

If the addition or omission of strategic words can significantly change the meaning of a sentence imagine the effects of randomly inserted irrelevant words which are sometimes just wrong for the situation and sometimes just plain made up. I mention it because there are people I have met in various situations who do this type of thing on a regular basis, it is often a technique employed to make people sound more important / intelligent than they really are (I hasten to point out that I say often as I am aware that there are exceptions to every sweeping generalisation, which, in other posts I encourage you to avoid). However next time you hear someone talking in a manner which seems convincing on the surface, I encourage you to listen to what they are actually saying. If you listen to what people really say you can often learn a lot about them

I also encourage the acquisition of as large and varied a vocabulary as possible, it is interesting and in the long run, better than making up words!

The final question is…shall I start my new job with two watches on…will anyone notice?


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