Twenty Two: Concerning inspiration

Originally Posted 20th February 2011

It is a miserable grey day that even I am finding it hard to see the positive in, but they are there if you look really hard. It was the ideal day to do some indoor stuff that I have been meaning to get done for ages. In the process of this I found some photos which do pretty much what I have been saying, they find the positive in an unlikely place. Looking at these reminded me that you can find interesting images in just about anything you look at, so here are a couple of examples of turning the ordinary into something special…


These were both taken in my local town of a bench that I am sure people sit on every day without considering its potential as abstract art! It just goes to show as I have said before there is a photograph everywhere and an interesting image in the most mundane objects. I just need to remember this on grey days in February when I am struggling for inspiration!


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