Twenty: Concerning the nature of small talk

Originally Posted on 18th February 2011

Well who’d have thought I would go as far as 20 consecutive posts…I can’t swear that they all make sense all the time and I am fairly sure that they don’t contain earth shattering insights but, they are my thoughts and somebody somewhere might agree with some of them so I will keep putting them out there! Today it is February, technically not just today, but that is not really the point. The point is, we are still in February, and February is still quite conclusively winter. Bearing this in mind, why do people keep complaining about how cold it is? It is only to be expected that in a country like ours, a month that is officially designated as winter will be cold. I suspect that it is more to do with people feeling the need to say something and commenting on the weather seems the thing to do, however I think it is time we thought of winter in a different light and found something more inventive to make small talk about. Today’s pictures are of winter.

This one is a view across a small garden in Brighton, I love the low bright winter sun, the air was so crisp and clear that the quality of the light was spectacular and the highlights of the snow on the trees really enhance it.

This is the bough of an evergreen tree it shows me that under all the snow and the winter cold all the green and life is still there, it is just resting.

This is a tree that I have posted before as I love the shape of it, I went on an expedition through snow up past my knees to get this but I thought that the snow would pick out the shape of the tree, I was right.

These three pictures wouldn’t have been possible without the snow which in turn wouldn’t have been so spectacular if it hadn’t been so cold. I know snow and cold and winter have lots of bad points, but I think it is time we accepted that it happens, and that winter is cold but that it does have some surprising benefits.


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