Forty Five

Originally posted 6th April 2011

Words, everyone uses them all the time. They are our primary means of communication and, despite this (or maybe because of it) they are one of the major causes of misunderstanding. Thrown about day after day words are our tools and our toys, they are what we choose to represent us in the world and tell more about us than the obvious. Despite all of this how many of us spend any time thinking about them, how many of us really care about using exactly the right word in the right place? They do say a picture tells a 1000 words…today’s pictures however only tell one (each).

These are not long or complicated words, they are, however, powerful words! After all how often has the word love changed your world in an instant? There are words around that have meaning far beyond the obvious and saying them can be as powerful as a punch in the face and yet they are waved around and thrown about like they are confetti.

The right word in the right place can be an incredibly powerful thing so why wouldn’t you make it a good one. It has been said, in the past, that I use words that others have not even heard of. It has also been insinuated that this is a fault of mine! It is an interesting world where words are thrown away and thrown about and yet the person with more of them is penalised for using them. The are one of the ony things that you can give away and share with people without losing anything yourself! A wide vocabulary is a wonderful thing, it is also a thing that anyone can have! There are books and books out there filled with words ready for the taking and the best thing is that they are reuseable again and again.

Choose your words carefully today, use the right one to convey your meaning and use it with care. The wrong words can also cut like a knife, or in some cases bludgeon like a blunt instrument! Learn some new ones and use them, verbal communication is used so much, we may as well make it interesting!


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