Forty Four

Originally posted 2nd April 2011

It is springtime people! There is new life bursting out all over the place, I know there is I have seen it. Out side recently I have seen small, young looking sheep bounding about, leaping and gamboling much like baby stereotypes; I have seen new buds on bushes, little burst of greenery breaking out of the brown trees, and I have seen flowers, in fact a proliferation of yellow flowers. I have noticed that the overriding colour of current springtime is yellow! by way of proof, here is a sample of the archetypal springtime flower…

Of course I was talking about the daffodil, you cannot turn around without meeting a daffodil at the moment. There are far more types than you might think too, a little bit taken for granted, daffodils but if you really look at them there is more variety within this species than you might think! However, it is not just daffodils, I have seen Cowslips and buttercups and daisies (not all yellow but it is there). There is white too in the hawthorn and black thorn flowers but the overriding colour of spring is yellow.

And how appropriate, a cheerful and vibrant reminder that buried under all the bleak and cold winter frosts and rains there is life in the ground waiting to burst forth! It is reassuring that it happens, every year the wheel turns and the world is renewed! The interesting thing about it is that it makes a real different to how you feel. Even in the modern world where we are insulated from nature by layers of brick and concrete, and separated from the natural world by the barriers introduced by technology and trappings of frenetic modern life, we still look out of the window and are cheered up by the yellowness of spring.

Think about it, step outside into the fresh, warmer air and look around, let the spare life force in the world give you a boost. Get out of the office or the house, step into the world and herald this time as a time of renewed energy and new beginnings. Use it as an oppertunity to let go of the winter blues and face the spring with a new sense of optimism and positivity. After all, who knows what the future could hold, it is yours for the taking and is as good as you make it!



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