Forty One: Concerning impossible ballet

Originally Posted on the 24th March 2011

I have found a new obsession, not one that I can do, but definitely one I can watch! One Tuesday evening I went to the Ballet, it was the English National Ballet performance of Swan Lake, it was brilliant! It was a little confusing as a story, but as a beautiful thing to watch it was amazing.The basic principle of Swan Lake for those who don’t know is that a price falls in love with the Swan Queen and the battle an evil sorcerer type. There is apparently a lot more to it than that, so I will furnish you with a link to the story:

There seem to be some swans with spectacularly good dancing abilities! This leads me to today’s photos:

This was taken in Windsor of some swans on the Thames what is not immediately obvious is that these swans were actually dancing, all swaying their heads in unison! This leads me to believe that there is a grain of truth in the swan lake story.

It is worth looking past the unreality of the story however. It is necessary, during many forms of entertainment, to suspend disbelief for the duration, and if this escapism can be accompanied by something spectacular to watch, then that is a good thing. I have spoken before about the skill of looking past the mundane to see the beauty that is there in everything. I think that the choreographers and writers and directors of these ballets must be masters of this art! To take a story and bring out its beauty and present it to the world in such a way that can be appreciated is truly a skill!

At this point it is of course necessary to mention the skill of the dancers, the Swan and back up swan scenes were definitely the best and most spectacular, they not only displayed phenomenal individual skill but somehow managed to do this in formation! I am seriously considering the fact that ballet dancers may be not entirely human, they can achieve things which by all human standards seem impossible, and manage to do it with grace. I am, by the way, fully aware that this is a product of hard work and training; I do, however, prefer to believe the magic that is presented, one of the times when seeing the front rather than the reality is actually preferable!

I am already looking for another one to see, as obsessions go it is not too bad. after all an obsession which increases your knowledge of arts and culture must be good!

Just to add weight to this, I am going to add another photo,  I didn’t take this one however, it is taken from the visit london website

and just goes to prove ballet dancers can do the impossible!


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