Forty: Concerning the nature of time

Originally posted 21st March 2011

Something I read recently inspired this post, that and the localised time zone I have been carrying around on my wrist for a while. As well as the realisation that only a select few people care about how many watches I am wearing, I have also noticed that people who have known me for a while now don’t even find it odd that I give them two answers when the ask the time! Until this morning the two watches I have been wearing were both fast but by differing amounts and the fact that this didn’t really impact on my life or bother me at all just supports my theory, that the capturing and caging of time is a merely human obsession and that it measured time bears no relation to real-time. This time taming is the subject of today’s picture:

The passage of time is in evidence all around us, the rusting of metal, the rebirth of the world after winter and the remarkable rapidity with which my hair changes colour! I am not about to deny that time exists or that we move through it, I am, however going to pose the hypothesis that we do not move through it at a constant rate. Time is not a linear stream on which we walk (or paddle) with undeviating precision, but a billowing cloud which can be stretched and folded according, not to need but to perception. Real time is dictated by our perceptions, you have all heard the phrases “time flies” “make time” “find time” “manage time”. “Manage time” is interesting if time was uniform and linear would it need managing?

This is only a theory, but you know deep down I am right, there are days where you have so much to do that it makes your head hurt to even consider it and yet with no apparent extra effort, everything gets finished with spectacular efficiency. Compare these to the occasions when you have very few tasks to achieve and yet time seems to flow away like water!

All this said, time exists and it is the only thing we have that is ours. We can use it, spend it or fill it with anything we like; the absolute fact is if we don’t make the most of it we will lose it!

I continue to measure time in 2 places on my wrist, even though the only time we need captured and measured time is when we want to conform to human constructs!


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