Thirty Eight: Concerning flying to Brazil

Originally posted 14th March 2011

Today my Husband embarked on an adventure that will take him all over Brazil in the name of his work. I am envious of this trip, I want to go to Brazil but I know that travelling with work is not as exciting as it sounds and travelling with someone who is working is probably not the best way to see a country.

I expected to feel a little bit lonely, but I know I am perfectly capable of being on my own. I expected to be envious of the adventure. What I didn’t expect was to be this worried that something would happen, on the flight or during the trip. It is possible that I am over thinking all this, but it was unexpected. I didn’t worry when he went to San Francisco, I didn’t worry when we both went, yet now I worry. It is as if, before this past year I never really believed that bad things could happen to me or my family, now I have been made to accept that they can, it has opened the worry floodgates!

I know worrying doesn’t change anything, and that by writing this, I am being a little self-indulgent, but if you can’t be self-indulgent on your own blog once in a while where can you be?

Photos to go with today are tricky, but this is a little bit relevant

Mark, climbing about in a waterfall!


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