Thirty Nine: Concerning the nature of networks

Originally posted 16th March 2011

It has recently come to my attention how powerful networks are, whatever form the network takes, it seems to become more powerful than a sum of its parts. Many people I know have been made redundant recently (including myself) and there are a large number of them who have found new jobs have done so through personal recommendations and connections they have either through work or friendships (or both). This is a phenomenon that is apparently well-known in the multiverse hence the old adage “it’s not what you know but who you know”, it is not, however, something I have ever believed in until now! This is the inspiration for the picture I have chosen today, not because it represents any of the people I know, but it does look like a node with links radiating out from it!

If you look closely in the back ground you can see another network of radiating links ready to link up with this one and strengthen the network even further. This network theory seems to be something I cannot get away from at the moment, purely coincidentally it is the same subject I have been studying with the OU, it seems that networks of any form are enhanced by both the members of the network and the links between them. After all, where would the internet be without the computers linked to it or the connections between them!?

This is a little bit of an eye opener for me; I am a fundamentally anti social person, keeping a small number of close friends and until recently not really making the  connections you need to have a functioning network of friends let alone useful business contacts! Recent events and friends I have made has made me realise it is worth widening your network and hopefully the connections you make will allow you to be part of something great. It is good to remember that everyone you come into contact with will change you in a small way and (this one is harder) that you will affect them too and even years later it is surprising what people remember!

You never know, maybe I will be remembered as the one who, for no real reason other than deliberate oddness, wears two watches!


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