Thirty Six: Concerning light through the dark

Originally posted 11th March 2011

It has been an emotional week one way or the other, as you might have noticed! Normal service has been resumed within my brain now however and I have started thinking again. I have been thinking about one of the things I said on Tuesday “I will not descend into darkness”. It occurred to me that in life there is light and darkness which operate as two sides of the same thing, it is all just a matter of which way you are facing. There are times when you have to make a choice, turn to face the dark or turn and remind yourself that there is light at the other side. Sometimes it is hard work and the light seems a long way away but seek it hard enough and it will shine into the darkness.

Today’s photo shows how even the smallest amount of light can shine through the dark and change it from a scary place to a place with a rabbit in it (or even a smile!) I decided on a literal photo to make my metaphorical point but I think it works quite well! Wherever you find your light, hobbies, friends, books or even work grab on to it and it will banish the dark eventually.

By the way, there has not been a watch update in too long so despite the fact that I am sure no one cares…I am still wearing 2 watches and no one at my new work has noticed!


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