Thirty Three: Concerning Dreams

Originally posted 6th March 2011

I just had a conversation with a friend and it turns out that we both dreamed about the same person last night, very different dreams but coincidence nevertheless! It goes along with something I have been thinking about a lot recently and that is dreams, sleeping dreams, waking dreams, living the dream and all the other meanings of the word. This in its self has made me think as it is an interesting quirk of the english language that the same word can be used in so many different contexts. A breakdown of the idiosyncrasies of the english language is not what I am going to get into right now however, I do not have that kind of time! Instead I am going to attempt to explain some of my thoughts about dreams. I am also (of course)  going to post a photo to represent dreams, you may think this is an odd choice, but ir does make sense when you think that in dreams, things are not often what they seem…

This photo, on first glance looks like a big pile of balls, but on closer inspection there is something else hidden in there, a lot like a dream, if ou really pay attention to it.

It is not uncommon to hear people saying “it is good to have dreams”, “living the dream” and (possibly the scariest) “may all your dreams come true” I makes my wonder, if the people who say that sort of thing really actually pay any attention to their dreams at all! If they did, would they really want to make them all come true! The details of my dreams terrify me, if they were to come true the world would be somewhat more scary than most people could imagine. It is also said that it is in your dreams that you deal with the subconscious issues that you do not have time to deal with during waking hours, It really makes me wonder sometimes what my subconscious is trying to tell me. There are a fair few classic anxiety representations in my dreams, I have lost count of the times I have woken up relieved that I still have all my teeth because during my dreams they have all fallen out! This is definitely not a dream I want to come true! I know…I am not supposed to take these statements literally, but literal is what I do.

Even taking these statements as they are intended and considering the other meaning of dreams, I am not sure having them come true is always to be recommended. It is good to have them, dreams go hand in hand with hopes and are in some measure the thing that keeps you going. It is also true that they can become all-consuming, a dream that is just out of reach can become an obsession and not in a good, I like to take photos kind of way. A life spent chasing a dream can become a life that is so focused on the future that the present gets forgotten. To spend too much time dreaming is to miss out on your life.

It is more important to live your life than to dream about it, and next time some one says to you “may all your dreams come true” just think for a minute about what they are really wishing on you!


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