Thirty: Concerning the slippery slope

Originally Posted 3rd March 2011

Today’s post was going to be about something exciting, I know it was, I remember deciding on the topic this morning while I was driving to work! Unfortunately I now do not have the first idea what I decided upon. So in lieu of the excitement let today’s post and  photo act as a warning…

A warning and a very worthwhile piece of advice. They say it is a slippery slope and once you are on it there is only one way to go! I do not know what this says about my recent memory issue!, but I am not very concerned…I suspect I am just at the top of the slope. It is annoying however how this memory is hiding just out of reach in my head.

Coincidentally, this picture holds a memory of its own which makes me like it, even though it is not in any way art. It is one of the few photos on my Flickr stream that carries a comment from my Mum; she does, in fact, claim that it is good advice!

So heed the advice…Beware the slippery slope and perhaps carry a note-book and make lots of lists!


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