Twenty Eight: Concerning career choice

Originally posted 29th February 2011

It is official, my new beginning has begun! Well actually my new job has begun which is really just another phase in the never ending varied spectrum of careers  I have had. I am happy with this though, I have had lots of jobs which have all left me with new and interesting skills and I tend towards itchy feet anyway where jobs are concerned so it is all good. It does make me wonder however about the tendency within society to force specialisation on people at an early age, it is generally expected that at the time of choosing university courses and to some extent A levels we will know what we want to do.The question is are we really equipped to make that decision at that age and level of life experience. After all, all my school life I was working towards joining the RAF and flying relatively small fast aeroplanes. Like this one:


If when I was at school you told me I would have forgone flying aeroplanes for writing technical documentation, I suspect I would have been somewhat skeptical!

It makes me wonder how many people out there know what they want to do at 18 and actually do it. I have a suspicion that there are a fair few people who reach 30 with no real idea if they are in the right business. I also think that it is not as important as they would lead you to believe at school. Switching careers, or roles within a career, as I have already mentioned, leads to a varied skill set and I suspect, a more well rounded employee.

I didn’t go with 2 watches for the first day…convention won out.


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