Twenty Nine: Concerning traffic and smiles

Originally posted 2nd March 2011

It is day three of my new job, I have been made very welcome by my new team and I actually have real work to do. The only downside is the vast amount of traffic that seems to build up between my office and my home. I refuse to let this get to me however, I am just pleased that the move although enforced seems to have been a good one! I still don’t believe everything happens for a reason, I just think I made the best of a situation and used it to my advantage. Anyway, in keeping with the positivity of the new I think it is time for a couple more photos with smiles in!

Men at work…it just made me smile, it was taken just as it is!

So many captions, so little time!

I have also come to the conclusion that people a) do not spend a lot of time looking at each other’s wrists and b) do not care how many watches I am wearing!


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