originally posted 15th December 2011

Well I am back, I haven’t blogged since I fell off a mountain but better late than never, or some such thing! I decided it was about time to get back into this, after all when you have far too much to do why not add another procrastination option to your repertoire!

Anyway… I have been considering hats recently. I wear them because I like them but there are a great many people who don’t seem to understand this take on things. The pice I have chosen to represent this is a (rare) picture of me…in a hat of course.


t has been said that hats give you confidence, it has also been said the you have to be confident to war a hat…which is it? what do you think? I think there is an element of truth in both! You do need confidence to wear a hat, but wearing the hat gives you enough confidence to carry it off. is that a paradox…possibly but it works for me. I will leave you to make up your own minds about it!

There is another school of thought that says…sometimes, it is all just because I like the hat…

Just in case you were still wondering…I am wearing only one watch right now…but this may change any minute.


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