Forty Eight

Originally posted 8th May 2011

Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable people get if you ask them to do something in a way that is unfamiliar to them? In some cases this discomfort edges over the line into anger and causes them to lash out at the people who are challenging them. My question to you is what is wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone for a while? Today’s photo is one taken when I was out of my comfort zone…

As you must be aware by now (if you have read more than one of these) my main photography obsessions encompass things like repeating patterns, abstract images and derelict buildings (or combinations thereof). As you can see this picture is none of those, and photographing people, let alone directing them on set is a long way out of my comfort zone, in addition to this Bryony had not modeled before and had not met me, however I think the results from the exploration into stepping out of the aforementioned comfort zone is not too bad.

So When asked to do something in a different way, embrace it as a challenge and you never know you may just come out of it a more balanced and interesting person. Take all the energy you would normally expend resisting change and ranting about how hard it all is and focus that on what you can learn and how you can benefit. You might even enjoy it if you just let yourself!



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