Fifty One

Originally posted 1st October 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to venture back into the realms of posterous…here I am again! Or to put it another way…I know it has been a very long time since I last put anything on here, in fact this is the first post of 2012 and it is October already! Well I hope the return is a welcome one…although in reality I suspect there are not a lot of people actually reading this…maybe I should dedicate some time to self promotion…possibly but that is a subject for another day.

Well…Enough of all that and on to the real reason for this post..actually it ties in to the reasons why my blogging has been sparse recently. I have been considering “doing things” yes I know that sounds a little vague…I mean actually getting up and dong all the things you talk about doing, or just doing things you enjoy rather than wasting time but claiming you are too busy. The photo to go with this is of something I have been making recently


This is my Art Journal…it is a book I am keeping and decorating which I am filling with reminders of things I do and things that happen. The journal its self is not the focus, but it serves as an illustration of my point, which is about not wasting the time we have.

If you want to do something whether it is art, cooking, learning to play a musical instrument or building a replica of the starship enterprise in your garage, don’t just talk about it do it! I am a firm believer that, for the most part, the only thing stopping people doing things is themselves!

It has recently been pointed out to me that I have a group of friends who are high up on the scale of doers…I mean they do things, they fill their time with interests and pursuits that they enjoy and that they want or need to do.┬áIs it just me who thinks this is a better way to be than living without experience, it is surely better to say “I am going to…” or “I tried…” than saying “one day” and “I’d like to…but I can’t”. Now I am not talking about filling every spare moment with activity (unless you want to) but find one thing that you really want to do and do it…

I believe that it is better to have had a busy interesting life than to look back and say “if only I had done more…” It is personal choice of course…but make sure it is a choice…if you are doing nothing because that is what you really want then choose that…but choose…don’t just talk about things you might do then let everything pass you by!

In keeping with tradition the watch report states I am only wearing one watch today…I am wearing 11 bracelets though…


Forty Three

Originally posted 28th March 2011

I was asked last week if I ever had any spare time. I found this quite an odd question to answer, especially as I had been describing all the things I had done over the weekend and what I was planning to do in the evenings that week. I was under the impression that I had been describing the things I was doing in my spare time. Last weekend, I visited friends and we spent the saturday setting up some photoshoots and generally taking pictures I then spent the sunday decorating a cake for another friend’s birthday. Cue pictures 1 and 2…

This was one of the photos I took during the photoshoot weekend, due to a lack of models I opted to photograph flowers, almost as much of a departure from the norm for me as photographing people.

This is a picture of the cake I spent the sunday after the photo day decorating. I must point out here that this decoration owed a lot to the sound desk expertise provided by Dez and the assistance with icing provided by Jen!

The evenings in the week after this I spent making cogs out of chocolate and baking and decorating a second cake for the same friend’s birthday, cue picture 3:

Second birthday cake, with a steampunk theme and solid chocolate cogs sprayed gold (cog moulds courtesy of Mike).

If you add to this the fact that in between all of this I am studying with the OU and I also try to find time to do sewing and knitting and of course blogging, maybe you can begin to see why I was asked if I have any spare time. It also brings me to my point…which is how do you define spare time? To me spare time is any time I spend doing something that I choose to do, to me this means any time when I am not in work. It is only rarely that I remember that other people may have different definitions of this concept. Do some people only consider spare time to be that when they do nothing apart from perhaps sit and maybe watch tv? Is it still spare time if you are busy? I think it is and I am of the opinion that it is better to spend you time wisely and fill it with as many experiences as you can. After all another definition of spare is leftover, and as far as I can tell, unlike spare money any leftover time cannot be saved up until later. It is better to use it now than wish you had more left at the end!


It also occurs to me that maybe my second watch is to measure my spare time…

Ten: Concerning the nature of hobbies

Originally Posted 8th February 2011

Woo! we are into double digits, as they say. I have mentioned that this might be becoming an obsession, well this is not strictly true I am just finding it an interesting diversion as I have enjoyed writing things in the past but it always seemed a little pointless to write what no one would read. This way I can at least say it is out there for everyone to see, whether they read it or not is up to them. Now, while it is true that this is not entirely an obsession, it has also been pointed out to me that I have a slight tendency to get enthusiastic about things to the point of obsession. Now I do not necessarily consider this a bad thing; admittedly, in a work situation it can lead to control freak tendencies, but in general life it leads to having a wide range of interesting hobbies about which I am passionate (not obsessive). So today’s photo represents hobbies (and obsessions):

This was taken at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, where there were a great many amazingly restored and cherished steam engines, many of which have been the focus of people’s obsessions for a lot of years. In all honestly the photo I chose for today was relatively immaterial as any I chose could have represented my main obsession which is photography, and a lot of the themes and subjects I chose to photograph are also obsessions but I am not going to revisit them here. I do however want to talk about hobbies and interests.

I, as I have already mentioned have a fair few hobbies, I am married to a man with a variety of hobbies which often lead to him spending a large amount of time in a workshop underneath some sort of vehicle or at a machine making something for said vehicle. I have friends who all have more hobbies than you could safely shake a stick at without hitting some sort of new invention / home-made item / cake / photograph! Now I feel I may be going round the houses somewhat, but my point is that having interests makes for interesting people. I don’t mind what you are interested in, as long as you are interested in something!

This life is the only one we get, fill as much of it as you can with hobbies and friends and fun!

Incidentally…I am still wearing 2 watches…but one of them is a different one!