Fifty Three

SO here I am, all fully transferred to the blog-site that is WordPress! I feel sure I will never be as prolific a blogger as I appeared over the last 3 days, after all 52 blogs in 3 days would be quite an impressive feat! that is not entirely the point, however but it does relate. As I have been transferring my previous posts across it has struck me that there are some recurring themes running through them. Not least of which is the idea of taking responsibility for your own actions. I feel I need to say a little more about this today, and extend the concept to not only taking responsibility for your own actions, but for your life. The inspiration for this post comes from a situation that a very good friend of mine has been in recently, it has now been resolved and that story is not mine to tell but the idea of someone taking advantage of my friends make me angry. So in keeping with tradition, here is a picture of my friends:

I am lucky, i think, that I surround myself with friends and family who are descent and kind people. They would go out of their way to help me if I needed it as I would them. It is beyond my comprehension tha there are people out there who would take advantage of this nature to further their own selfish needs.

I have spoken before about choices and about filling your life with as much as you want to fill it with in a conscious manner rather than coasting through life asleep. These choices are as much about taking personal responsibility for yourself and your life as they are about hobbies. Every one of us chooses they way our life goes at some point. There are some situations that are beyond our control, and sometimes the actions of others have an indelible effect on our own life, but there comes a point (for the most part) where you can choose whether you will let these actions steer your whole life or whether you will actively choose to move beyond them and make yourself into something you want to be.

There are times in most people’s live when they are put in difficult situations, either through choices they have made or through the actions of others. The measure of a person is not how they get into these situations but how they deal with them. It is at these times that there is the temptation to blame other people, make excuses and expect the world to give you everything you need. This is where personal responsibility come in…it is here that you have to stand up and do everything possible to help yourself…If you have to ask people for help, then make sure you are doing as much or more than them to help yourself.

I am attempting not to rant, I am also attempting not to sound like I am telling you how to live your life. I will instead ask you a question about how you would prefer to be though of.

Would you like be a person who has the respect of others, who people could help with the certain knowledge that you would do the same for them?


Would you like to be alone with the knowledge that your excuses have driven away your friends?

Would you like to be embittered by the belief that everyone else has done you wrong, an embitterment made worse by the fact that deep down you know you have no one to blame but yourself?

I know the answer I would choose and I know that is why I will continue to live consciously and choose the way my life goes.



Seven: Concerning reasons and choices

Originally posted 5th February 2011

Way back in post one I remember promising random musings and possibly disturbing insights into how my brain works. I feel we have had some disturbing insights so now it is time for a random musing. This one stems from something people keep saying to me at the moment, which is, “everything happens for a reason”. I do not believe this, everything happens and there are reasons but they are human not metaphysical and it is more important what you do as a result of the things that happen. To go with this I have chosen todays picture:

This picture represents choices, enter or don’t, push the button or don’t; make a choice take a stand and take responsibility for it! Apart from a in few exceptional circumstances, there is always a choice behind what we do and it is a human choice. Things do happen, I can’t deny that but there is no grand plan, people do not get made redundant to allow then to go on to better things, people do not die to allow those left behind to learn to face adversity. It is harder to think about life as a series of personal choices but that is really what I think it is.

It is better to trust yourself than believe against all odds that something will come along because of the “cosmic reason”. A change in circumstance can lead to better things because it can give you a kick up the bum to go out and look for better things. My point is, we make good choices and bad choices all the way through our lives the important thing is that we make them and take responsibility for them.

The sum of these choices makes us what we are and they are the only thing we can control. We can’t always control what happens to us, or what other do to us but we can control what we do about it. It is easy to say this, and not easy to do but we can at least try and take the responsibility when we don’t 😉